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A pontoon boat is for the pleasure of
water activities, with family and friends

To own a pontoon boat is to be able to enjoy pleasant moments on the water in company of your family or friends. With your pontoon boat, you can go fishing, water skiing or boarding, swimming, reach a beach, ride on rivers and lakes and, best of all, you can spend your vacations on your boat.

Pontoon boats are very safe and stable. Unlike a fishing boat, a pontoon boat allows free movement because of its flat floor. Pontoon boats are light, economical to buy and to use and, if you've made sure their construction is of high quality, they have proven to be very sturdy.

Southland, pontoon boats manufacturer

Southland has been building pontoon boats for more than seventeen years. The company's mission is to manufacture the nicest, safest and most versatile pontoon boats available. Southland offers to water-based recreation ehthusiasts, couples, families or fishermen, a line of pontoon boats that appeal to all tastes and meet all needs.

Southland has become a leader for reliability and versatility due to the high quality of its pontoon boats and to its flexibility in meeting specific requirements. The construction of Southland pontoon boats is unique. They are built with the utmost care, which is part of an extensive quality control process.

This boat builder is constantly striving to improve its products and offers a complete line of pontoon boats from the most inexpensive to the most sophisticated.

Pontoon boats to enjoy vacations with family and friends

Thanks to its know-how acquired over more than seventeen years of boatbuilding and to its experience in providing what clients want, Southland is aware that aluminum boats like these pontoon boats must be suitable for many types of users.

First of all, it's ideal for pleasure rides with family and friends. Often the ride can turn into a party; a pontoon boat is suited to many leisure activities. You can safely dance and have fun on a pontoon boat because it's very stable. Its large flat floor area allows you to move about without any restrictions.

Vacations on a pontoon boat
Some people even spend their whole vacations on their pontoon boats. With a camper top covering the whole boat, a sofa bed, a table and storage spaces, the pontoon boat pratically becomes a house boat.

A couple told us that, on the average, they spend from three to five full weeks on their pontoon boat every summer. The husband and wife have added some amenities to the original equipment, and now they can have their meals, sleep and take a shower on their boat, in short, lead a normal daily life. Water is a major attraction for this couple and their pontoon boat allows them to enjoy this gift of nature to the fullest.

A pontoon boat is ideal for water sports

Fishing from a pontoon boat

Nothing beats going fishing on a pontoon boat. In fact, with its large flat floor, it makes fishing trips so much more enjoyable in many ways. You can invite more friends to join in or include the whole family.

In a fishing boat, there is this constant worry that children may fall overboard when standing up or moving about. On a pontoon boat, children can run around and even hop about. As for the fishermen, they can cook their freshly caught fish on the barbecue right away. And why not catch up on you tan, or have a snooze on the floor springy carpeting or on the wide sofa seat.

The cost of a pontoon boat, with all its exclusive features, and its weight are not higher than those of an aluminum fishing boat with the same equipment and of the same length. Southland has designed an exclusive fishing model which can be customized to meet specific requirements. This fishing model can be built with or without fishing seats in the front deck. It is also as easy to haul a pontoon boat as it is to haul most of fishing boats of the same size up to a lake or river.

In short, your fishing trips will never be as enjoyable and your rides as exciting as in a pontoon boat.

Swimming and diving from a pontoon boat

And what about swimming? From the middle of a lake or river or on a beach, you can easily dive from the foredeck of your pontoon boat. And, being shallow draught, a pontoon boat can easily berth at any beach. Go and dive, swim and play in the water... you will feel refreshed for the rest of the day!

Waterskiing with a pontoon boat
Waterskiing is not to be overlooked. A pontoon boat will give you a thrilling ride for hours. People think wrongly that it is impossible to waterski with such a boat. What matters in waterskiing is to bring the rider out of the water. Afterwards, it's easy going.

With your pontoon boat, equipped with the appropriate engine, you will experience exciting sensations on your water skis or board. At a cruising speed of 20 to 22 milles per hour, a pontoon boat can pull skiers on all types of skis and boards.

Night rides on a pontoon boat

It's possible to enjoy a ride at night as well as by day, thanks the docking lights. At night, the scenery around lakes and along rivers is just breathtaking. Often on the way back from a fishing trip or a ride late in the day, you will enjoy the shining stars, the smooth water and the gentle evening breeze.

Southland wants to ensure that you can enjoy safely the leisure hours you spend on rivers and lakes. That's why, as a pontoon boat manufacturer, Southland brings such care to building fine boats that are also strong and safe and will last you for many years.

Sale of Southland pontoon boats

Southland also takes great care in choosing its Dealers. They are the authorized Dealers distributing the boats to consumers. It is, therefore, very important that they give a very good service, as they are responsible for installing the engine, delivering the pontoon boat to the consumer and giving him or her information on operating the boat.

Southland wishes you the best of time on your Southland pontoon boat!

Southland's, pontoon boats for outdoor recreation, pontoon boats high quality manufacturer and dealer

Southland pontoon boats manufacturer

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Our pontoon boats are distributed in Canada : Québec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
In USA : Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York

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